T-Rex Tosses Really Cool First Pitch at Padres Game

by Andrew Johnson

San Diego Padres fans were treated to quite the celebrity first pitch on Wednesday. Despite having been extinct for 65 million years, a dinosaur took to the Petco Park pitcher’s mound ahead of the team’s game against the Kansas City Royals to throw out the first pitch . . . with its mouth.

The baby Tyrannosaurus Rex (not a raptor, as the announcer claims) is part of the Walking with Dinosaurs touring show. It may be an impressive sight, but it actually isn’t the first time a dinosaur has set foot in a ballpark. Dinger, the Colorado Rockies triceratops mascot, can be found lurking around Coors Field at all home games.

Despite his prehistoric nature, the T-Rex’s pitch actually went better the most celebrities’ opening tosses. Here are some of the worst:

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