Self-Proclaimed ‘Deal-Maker’ Reid Won’t Make a Deal on Minimum Wage

by Andrew Johnson

Even though he claims to be always willing to negotiate and compromise, Senator Harry Reid asserted he will not budge when it comes to lowering the proposed increase to the minimum wage.

Touting his background as “a deal-maker” when he served as minority whip under Tom Daschle, Reid said he “was a guy they came to to get things done” in working with Republicans. Yet, when repeatedly asked if he would be willing to go less than $10.10 per hour on the minimum wage, for instance to President Obama’s $9 proposal from last year, Reid said Democrats will only support the $10.10 figure.

“So you’re not budging from the number?” NBC’s Chuck Todd asked.

“No, but there are things we can still do,” Reid responded, indicating that the proposed increase is not an arbitrary, “funny number.”

“There are lots of other things we can negotiate on, and I think my saying this should open the door to my Republican colleagues,” he continued. “There are things we can do — I’m willing to work with you.”

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