Krauthammer’s Take: Harry Reid Makes Inaccurate ‘Pronouncements,’ Doesn’t Smile, And Hurts People

by NRO Staff

Harry Reid spoke with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Thursday, only to repeat his usual set of claims: that the Koch brothers are evil, meanwhile Sheldon Adelson is pure at heart

Charles Krauthammer said Reid’s “pronouncements” should be “transcribed and all made into SAT questions, in which the question is ‘can you spot the number of inaccuracies in one paragraph?’”

He refuted just a few of Reid’s frequent claims: the Koch brothers are the richest people on earth – “not true.” The Koch brothers are the major cause of global warming – “semi-insane.” 

Krauthammer said Reid’s wild statements are similar to Joe Biden’s, but noted that Biden is likeable so his oddities are called ”Bidenisms” and he gets a pass, whereas Reid is mean and trying to hurt people. 

“[Reid] reminds me of the vice president, but because Harry Reid never smiles, is angry, aggressive, and kind of mean, he doesn’t get a pass the way Joe Biden does,” Krauthammer said. 

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