HuffPost’s Fineman Compares Gowdy to John C. Calhoun for Heading Benghazi Committee

by Andrew Johnson

Two hundred years and significant cultural shifts may separate the births of Senator John C. Calhoun and Representative Trey Gowdy, but the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman sees similarities between the two legislators by virtue of their being from the same state.

Fineman likened Gowdy to one of the most recognized defenders of slavery because they both hail from the same part of South Carolina, and Fineman saw Gowdy’s appointment to head the select committee on Benghazi as a sign of Gowdy’s and Calhoun’s shared hostility toward the government. He grouped other notable, more recent South Carolinians into that category as well.

“[Gowdy] comes out of the tradition of suspicion of the federal government that goes all the way back two centuries to John Calhoun, that goes through Strom Thurmond, that goes through Lee Atwater, that goes through Jim DeMint,” Fineman told MSNBC.

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