Touré Aghast When MLK’s Son Says Black Voters Should Engage with Tea Party

by Andrew Johnson

Martin Luther King Jr.’s son’s suggestion that black voters may be taken for granted by Democrats and ought to engage with other political groups, including the Tea Party, was too much for MSNBC host Touré to handle.

Appearing on The Cycle from Atlanta, Martin Luther King III told the show’s hosts that while he identifies as a Democrat, he would have to say the party does not do enough” to help the black community. Given that, black voters shouldn’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

“We’re not a monolithic people,” he said, encouraging black voters to get involved with Republicans and independents. “I also think it’s important to be engaged with the Tea Party,” he somewhat hesitantly said.

“Why — why would it be important for us to be engaged with the tea party?” a startled Touré asked.

“Because the only way you can change is you have to be at least communicating,” King explained, detailing how his father would frequently meet with people he did not agree with.

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