Krauthammer’s Take: Legitimacy of Benghazi Panel ‘Will Come from Its Results,’ Not Who’s On It

by NRO Staff

While Charles Krauthammer applauded the variety backgrounds and experiences of the members John Boehner chose to serve on the select committee on Benghazi, what ultimately matters is how the committee investigates the situation. “The most important thing here is that the legitimacy of the committee will not come from the composition, but will come from its results,” he said on Friday’s Special Report.

To that end, Krauthammer hoped for a Democratic boycott of the committee because it would allow Republicans to more thoroughly and effectively conduct the investigation. Otherwise, Democrats will likely try “hurling softballs or making speeches that essentially exonerate the administration” to stall or divert the process.

“All the committee has to do is to discover new facts, as we discovered a week and a half ago with the Rhodes memo, and that you cannot ignore,” he said.

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