Faithless Execution and Impeachment

by Andrew C. McCarthy

There’s a lot more to say about this and I’ll be saying it soon, but on this busy morning I want to take a moment to thank Powerline’s John Hinderaker for a thoughtful post that accurately explains how my new book, Faithless Execution, deals with the controversial topic of impeachment. The book will be out on June 3.

UPDATE: I also appreciate the thoughtful post by Powerline’s Scott Johnson. Scott has some criticisms for the book. For example, he expresses surprise that I “criticize the impeachment of Bill Clinton,” yet ultimately concludes, “I agree with Andy that Clinton’s impeachment was imprudent.” (In a nutshell, my theory is that Clinton committed impeachable offenses, but it was in hindsight a mistake to file articles of impeachment without first building public support for his removal — or at least determining whether such support could be built.)

Again, there will be much more to say in due course. But given the unhinged reaction in some quarters to the unremarkable fact that presidential lawlessness has provoked a book about how our system is designed to deal with presidential lawlessness, I am very thankful for Scott’s characteristically serious analysis.

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