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Krauthammer’s Take: New IRS E-mails Prove It Was Political


Charles Krauthammer says the newly released IRS e-mails, obtained by the oversight group Judicial Watch, prove the White House’s claim that the targeting had nothing to do with politics to be a “lie.”

The White House originally claimed that two “rogue” agents in the agency’s Cincinnati office were responsible for targeting of tea-party groups. But an e-mail from a former IRS official to a Washington agency attorney seems to disprove the White House’s claim.

“This is a major abuse of power. They covered up for two years and now they say, ‘Hey, dude, two year old story.’ So it’s old news,” he said.

Krauthammer said he’s unsure whether the mainstream media will cover the White House’s “misleading America and covering it up,” despite the mounting evidence against the Obama administration.


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