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Krauthammer’s Take: Shinseki Should Resign


Charles Krauthammer thinks because Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki is “ultimately responsible” for the scandals at VA hospitals, he should step down. “It’s the logical thing, but it doesn’t happen in our system,” Krauthammer said. 

Shinseki gave his first public testimony Thursday, and promised an “exhaustive review” of the system’s various scandals, a number of which have been revealed by whistleblowers over the past few weeks.

Krauthammer thinks both political parties are going to take the bureaucracy to task.

“They will not allow the usual stonewall where the guy says, ‘I’m mad as hell, I’m very upset. How can this be happening under my command?’” he said. ”Democrats are on this, and that’s the reason it’s going to go very quickly.”


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