Greenwald: Bush v. Clinton in ’16 Is a Return to the Monarchy We Threw Off

by Josh Encinias

Journalist Glenn Greenwald thinks a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential race would mean America’s essentially become ”the British monarchy model that we waged a war to liberate ourselves from.”

The former Guardian journalist, famous for helping NSA leaker Edward Snowden, was interviewed on Friday about the NSA by Laura Ingraham. She asked Greenwald if Jeb and Hillary have different views about national surveillance. 

Greenwald said any differing opinions between the two potential candidates about surveillance are “trivial to nonexistent,” but he believes that a Bush v. Clinton match-up has “disturbing implication,” “because we now have this sort of dynastic succession in politics.”

The American system shouldn’t function by nepotism, he said.

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