Landrieu Could be Key on Radical Judicial Nominee

by Quin Hillyer

Carrie Severino has done an excellent job at Bench Memos sounding the alarm about radical judicial nominee David Barron. A few minutes ago, I localized the story for The Advocate, the only daily paper serving Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. Specifically, I focused on the not-uncommon situation of Louisiana’s senator Mary Landrieu being a key “swing vote” in the confirmation battle. Landrieu’s record on judicial nominations is far to the left of her record on, for instance, energy policy. (After writing that last linked piece a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon Carrie’s earlier NRO post on the same subject, which somehow I had missed when it ran in December.)

Anyway, Landrieu again finds herself on the hot seat. As I concluded: “For now, with time of the essence, the important thing for Louisiana audiences is whether Landrieu will obey Obama and ratify this radicalism, or instead represent Louisiana’s values by opposing Barron. To confirm or not to confirm? Ah, when one is a U.S. Senator, the slings and arrows of outrageous jurisprudence can be mighty difficult to avoid.”

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