Rove: ‘I’m Not Questioning’ Hillary Clinton’s Health

by Katherine Connell

Karl Rove retreated further from remarks he made this week about Hillary Clinton’s health. Rove set off a media firestorm after it was reported that he suggested Clinton had sustained brain damage from a concussion she suffered in late 2012. Rove had insisted that he never used the words “brain damage,” but was raising a legitimate issue that she would have to consider before committing to a 2016 run.

“Do you really have doubts about her physical capability?” Chris Wallace asked Rove this morning on Fox News Sunday.

“I’m not questioning her health. What I’m questioning is whether or not it’s a done deal that she’s running,” Rove responded, while noting that former president Bill Clinton’s defense of his wife’s health had revealed for the first time that it took her six months to recover from what he described as “a terrible concussion.”

“She is going to have to cough up these medical records,” Rove said. While conceding that he didn’t think Clinton’s health was permanently harmed by the concussion she suffered, he noted that “a concussion is by definition a traumatic brain injury.”

“My point is this: She’s a human being. You would not be human and not have a serious brain injury like this was and take it into consideration if you’re thinking about going and doing what she might do,” Rove said.


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