Priebus: ‘I Don’t Actually Think’ Hillary Will Run

by Tim Cavanaugh

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus suggested Sunday that Republicans welcome a Hillary Clinton presidential run, citing the former first lady and secretary of state’s poor record in government service and unimpressive work history.

“Given the month she just had, I actually doubt very much whether she actually will run for president in 2016,” Priebus told David Gregory on NBC’s Meet the Press. The RNC head was responding to questions about Clinton’s age and health, which he considered legitimate issues that have been raised about presidential candidates including Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Bob Dole.

Priebus warmed to the topic, however, after Gregory quoted a reverse-humorous column by New York Times antidote-to-laughter Gail Collins, who accused “the Right” of blaming Clinton for a variety of problems.

“This writer you just quoted talks about sweeping things under the rug,” Priebus said. “Benghazi shouldn’t be swept under the rug: Four diplomats died. Boko Haram: These people have over 200 girls in Nigeria. The Syria issue, the Russian reset . . .”

Priebus also rejected Gregory’s claim that Clinton, the wife of former president Bill Clinton, is the candidate Republicans “most fear.”  

“Hillary’s a known product,” Priebus said. “I think it’s sometimes it’s worse running against a blank slate. Hillary has decades of history for us to explore. You know, her role in Hillarycare when she was first lady; her Senate experience, where there is nothing significant to point to; and her secretary of state experience, which was not just not significant but there’s all kinds of problems with it.”

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