by Mona Charen

Does the truth need varnishing? Why do we speak of “unvarnished truth”? Surely one of America’s premier truth-tellers is Stuart Taylor, Jr. He has paid for this sin with a good deal of abuse, but not, it need hardly be said, on Need to Know, where he spoke eloquently this week about “affirmative action.” You and I know that the term really means preferences. We discuss the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Michigan case, and reflect on Sotomayor’s jurisprudence, the direction of the court, why more states have not yet done what Michigan did, why Republicans shy from the question, and more.

After Stuart’s segment, Jay and I talk strikes in Oslo (a hotel workers strike prevented the victims of persecution from around the globe from meeting at what is supposed to be an annual Freedom Forum), the New York Times and equal pay for women editors (can’t resist), Thomas Piketty’s rapturous reception among liberals, and booing Alec Baldwin. Do join us. Not one to be missed!

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