College’s Weapons Ban Forces Fencing Club Off-Campus

by Andrew Johnson

North Dakota State University’s fencing club learned shortly upon its formation that its equipment is too dangerous for campus.

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy [at] NDSU . . . understands our fencing equipment as weapons,” the club’s coach told Valley News Live, meaning that use or possession of the swords is prohibited and the club will have to find a home off campus.

Fencing includes one of three types of swords — a foil, saber, or épée — none of which has an edge. Members of the fencing club argue that other sports’ equipment, such as baseball bats, are more dangerous than the swords they use and that other local universities have fencing teams that train on campus.

Nonetheless, the club has had to look to look for another practice location, which its leaders believe is hurting membership.

Via Campus Reform.

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