Employees at Another Obamacare Facility Paid to Do Nothing

by Andrew Johnson

Employees at another facility tasked with processing Obamacare applications revealed to a local television station that they’ve been doing little actual work. In some cases, employees had to stay at the Rogers, Ark., facility even if they had nothing to do, according to one whistleblower.

The facility was run by the same troubled Obamacare contractor, Serco, that was recently discovered to be paying employees to do almost nothing at an office in Missouri.

One Arkansas employee told KOLR that some staff were hired to make outbound calls during the facility’s late shift, but even though the shift lasted until midnight, the staff was not permitted to make calls after 9 p.m.

Another employee said that, during his six months on the job, he processed just 40 applications, or approximately 7 per month.

The employees’ experiences in Arkansas are similar to revelations from a Serco office in Missouri where employees admitted to playing games throughout the day. Serco, a British company, received a $1.2 billion contract to process applications for the health-care law but has had a history of scandals around the globe.

Despite the very limited workload, the Arkansas facility is reportedly still hiring.

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