Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Foreign Policy Has ‘Psychologically Demobilized’ America

by NRO Staff

President Obama’s eagerness to end the War on Terror has “psychologically demobilized the country,” according to Charles Krauthammer.

“We have a president whose last foreign-policy address had one major theme: ‘The War on Terror must end, because it has corrosive effects on the country,’” he said.

A country can’t unilaterally end a war when the opponent survives and doesn’t agree to it, Krauthammer said. Obama ”downplays the threat,” Krauthammer argued, so no one should be surprised that there is not a “robust opposition to terror” among Americans.

The president’s job is to recognize a threat and mobilize support against it, Krauthammer said, “and [Obama's] done precisely the opposite.”

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