A Rollicking Discussion, Marred by a Loss

by Jay Nordlinger

Mona Charen and I have done a podcast, which is pretty rollicking, if I say so myself. We cover the waterfront, or a good part of the waterfront. Elizabeth Warren and Ted Kennedy. Rand Paul and Dick Cheney. Narendra Modi, the new Indian premier. Marco Rubio, Solzhenitsyn, Eisenhower, the Dalai Lama . . . (Dalai Lama-wise, there may be a little Caddyshack quoting.)

We also talk about totalitarianism, and specifically the Cultural Revolution. And anti-Semitism, specifically a recent episode in Spain. Mona explains the VA scandal. We hail the courage of black conservatives (and other nonconformists). Etc.

The closing music is “America,” from West Side Story, because Mona brings up the classic rhyme “I like the island Manhattan. / Smoke on your pipe and put that in.” That is one of my favorite rhymes, too. But I also like something I heard in a Kirk Franklin song: “Glory hallelujah, I give my praises to Ya.”

The tragedy of the podcast is that, sometime in the middle of it, I got a Yahoo Sports alert on my phone, saying that the Tigers had lost to the Indians in 13 innings. I thought we had the game won. I somehow managed to get through the ’cast, but it wasn’t easy. In fact, I complained about it on air.

To listen — not just to my complaining but to worthwhile stuff as well — go here.