Tom Steyer: Green Energy a ‘Big Business Opportunity’

by Andrew Johnson

Democratic donor, hedge-fund investor, and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer used a speech last year to call on other activists to join in to help “create a better business environment” for the green-energy agenda, arguing that they’d see big financial gains from it.

“We have a chance to lead in the world in the way that we generate and use energy,” he said during a 2013 speech from his California home for Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a group he co-founded. “It’s a big business opportunity. It’s a chance to make a lot of money.”

Steyer hosted several “high-profile philanthropists interested in climate and energy,” as well as former Democratic Colorado governor Bill Ritter, as part of an “intimate discussion” for AEE.

Earlier this week, Steyer launched his effort to spend $50 million across seven states to elect Democrats supporting his climate-change agenda.

Via Complete Colorado.

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