Krauthammer’s Take: If VA Problems Are Systemic, Why Not Privatize?

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer argued that privatizing the VA’s services makes sense if their appointment coordinating problems stem from the “bureaucratic structure.”

“If you’re not ideological, and if you brought in some expert and asked how to attack the problem right now, you would decide to give everyone on the list a voucher to go anywhere they want, and they’ll get their care within days,” he said.

The VA’s currently yearly budget allocates around $10,000 per veteran. The Obama administration could fix the problem by doling out vouchers for veterans to purchase private insurance, “but an administration like this would not even contemplate that.”

Krauthammer ask that if the VA’s problems stem from the drawbacks of a government-run system, “why wouldn’t you contemplate voucherizing and privatizing?”

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