Ezra Klein: Political Science Shows Obamacare Opposition Partly Racist

by Andrew Johnson

Vox’s Ezra Klein sees some merits in Senator Jay Rockefeller’s (D., W.Va.) suspicions that opposition to Obamacare is rooted in racist views towards the president, and he says he has the science to back it up.

“What I can say is there is good political-science evidence that race has structured a certain segment of the population’s attitudes on this bill and on this presidency, in ways that you can’t find this correlation under Bush, under Clinton, under presidents going backwards,” Klein said on MSNBC on Friday. “I don’t think the fact that it’s not most people means that it should never be talked about.”

Earlier this week, Rockefeller suggested opposition to the president’s controversial health-care law may be due to the fact that “he’s the wrong color.” The senator’s comments were met with pushback from Wisconsin Republican senator Ron Johnson, who called Rockefeller’s remarks “regrettable” and “outrageous.”

Klein also stated that “race can structure attitudes on the other side too,” with the president’s race contributing to increased support by some.

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