Will Jesse Jackson Apologize?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The pope’s Twitter account posts prayers and catchetical tweets, often familiar to anyone who reads the pope’s writings or listens to his homilies. Late last week, right before leaving Rome for his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, @pontifex tweeted:

Among responses, was this, which would be retweeted by Jesse Jackson’s official Twitter account: 

NOTE: What comes next is not family friendly. 

After more than a day up, the retweet was undone in response to a complaint:

“We” suggests Jackson is probably not doing his own tweeting. And perhaps it’s policy that anything that mentions Jackson’s handle gets retweeted. That’s a ridiculous — and reckless — policy as anyone with any familiarity with Twitter and any following on it knows. And at a time when Pope Francis is going around encouraging peace — like real actual radical Christian piece, the Reverend owes the pope, Catholics, and all people of good will an apology.

I’m not one for going around being offended – particularly by Twitter. But I’ve heard enough quasi-religious political lectures from Jesse Jackson over the years. Pope Francis is modeling life according to the Gospel and imploring us to give a damn (paraphrase) about our brothers. He deserves better from an American who has used Christianity to his and his party’s benefit through the years. 

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