Former Dem Senator Webb on VA: ‘We Got a Leadership Problem’

by Andrew Johnson

Former Virginia Democratic senator and veteran Jim Webb expressed his dismay with the mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and appeared to suggest that Secretary Eric Shinseki must go.

“We got a leadership problem — we just have to admit it,” said Webb, who previously served as secretary of the Navy, on MSNBC on Tuesday. He added that “it’s not a problem with style, it’s not a problem of intent” plaguing the department, but rather a problem with how it is run.

“We know that demographics work against easily solving the problem, but we need to get the leaders in there and solve the problem — it’s a critical problem,” he said.

Webb joins an increasing number of Democrats criticizing the administration’s handling of the VA, including former lawmakers. Last week, former Nebraska Democratic senator and veteran Bob Kerrey condemned the “terrible culture throughout the VA,” and said Shinseki “needs to step aside.”

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