How the Mighty Mouths Have Fallen

by Jack Fowler

Even 60 Minutes has done a mea culpa for its 2009 hit piece on Chevron, now rightly collecting scalps over a concocted and failed left-wing scheme to fleece the oil giant via bogus charges of polluting rainforests in Ecuador.

After a recent federal-court ruling that the scheme’s mastermind, leftist trial lawyer Steven Donziger, had blatantly violated RICO anti-racketeering statutes, you’d think all the far-flung parties to this debacle (which have included hedge funds and the likes of D.C. lobbying firm Patton Boggs) would have headed for the tall grass.

But not Karen Hinton, the liberal flack who’s been running the PR efforts for Team Donziger, and who continues in that effort despite there being few takers for spinning a debunked fraud operation.

Alas, for the determined and defiant, there is Twitter, and amongst Hinton’s steady stream of eye-rolling #Chevron rants was this recent one to actor Mark Ruffalo:

I’d think that when you’re asking The Hulk for retweets, it might be time to consider a new career, but Ms. Hinton does not need NR’s counsel.

By the way, that “Glaser” in that tweet is Howard Glaser, a top aide to Andrew Cuomo, who as New York’s attorney general, and then governor, inserted himself and the state into the mess – even threatening to investigate Chevron – at the bidding of Hinton. Unfortunately, interest in his bald political participation in this conspiracy has received little attention.

But stayed tuned – Hinton may soon be asking the Guv for retweets.