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Bloomberg Blasts Universities’ Censorship and Political Homogeneity in Harvard Commencement Speech


Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg gave what appears to have been a more strident speech than expected at Harvard University today, telling graduates that universities have reached unacceptable levels of intellectual intolerance. A few quotes from the college’s newspaper (fair Harvard appears to have dropped spelling tests as an admissions requirement):

This spring’s college-commencement season has seen recipients of honorary degrees and commencement speakers subject to unprecedented opposition, with students and faculty joining to convince world leaders like former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and IMF director Christine Lagarde that they should decline invitations to speak in order to avoid protests. The Crimson editorialized in favor of having Bloomberg speak, but there were objections to granting him an honorary degree and having him speak because of the New York Police Department’s use of stop-question-and-frisk under his mayoralty.


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