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Sergeant Who Served with Bergdahl: ‘Very Frustrating’ to See Him Being Celebrated


Bowe Bergdahl is “at best, a deserter, and at worst, a traitor,” according to former Army sergeant Josh Korder, who served with Bergdahl in Afghanistan before Bergdahl reportedly walked away from his post.

Korder said it has been “very frustrating” to see how Bergdahl is being nationally celebrated in the media following his release, while the six soldiers who died during the search for him were given hardly any recognition and received only local attention. “He pretty much voluntarily walked away and in turn caused the actions that may have killed them,” he said.

Once Bergdahl is able and fit, Korder explained, he needs to be questioned and tried if necessary. “Any of us would have died for us when he was with us, and for him to just leave us like that — it was a very big betrayal,” he said.

Though Korder had signed a nondisclosure agreement with the military, which is uncommon for those not in special operations, and could therefore potentially be punished for talking, Korder said he felt compelled to speak out. Otherwise, Korder said, Bergdahl will “be a hero and no one’s going to be able to know the truth.”

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