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Parents of Lieutenant Killed Looking for Bergdahl: We Were Misled on Why Our Son Died


Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy got choked up speaking with the parents of a lieutenant killed in the search for Bowe Bergdahl, who said they were misled about the mission that claimed their son’s life.

Sondra and Andy Andrews revealed that they were initially told their son, Darren, was killed on a mission searching for a Taliban commander, only to learn in recent days that their son was tasked with finding Bergdahl. The father thought the story was “definitely a cover-up,” and was told by one of Darren’s fellow soldiers that they had to sign nondisclosure agreements regarding Bergdahl.

Prior to his death, Darren also spoke with his parents about the circumstances under which Bergdahl was taken by the Taliban. “He said [Bergdahl] just walked off — he wasn’t captured on a battlefield or anything, he just walked off the base and left everything behind except a compass and a bottle of water,” Andy said.

Both parents thought Bergdahl should be tried as a deserter.

“He left his men during a war, so that is even more critical than just leaving their base,” Sondra said. “He left them without adequate men, he created a vulnerability there for them because they had to look for him, and the Taliban knew that the Americans would look for their men.”

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