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Poll: Cotton Up on Pryor


Republican Tom Cotton has a slight edge over Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor in Arkansas’s competitive Senate race, according to a new survey commissioned by the conservative group American Crossroads.

The poll finds Cotton getting 46 percent of the vote to Pryor’s 41 percent. Seven percent remain undecided.

Pryor has a higher approval rating than Cotton (45 percent to 40 percent), but President Obama’s approval rating, at 35 percent, is lower than both and likely dragging down the longtime senator.

American Crossroads also released a new ad featuring a student at a spelling bee asked to spell “Pryor.” When the judges define the word as “a Washington liberal out of touch with Arkansas, [who] voted with the Obama agenda 90 percent” of the time and “the deciding vote on Obamacare,” she spells it “O-B-A-M-A”; the judges rule it is “close enough.”


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