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A Tale of Two GIs: Obama Jumps for Bergdahl, Leaves Tahmooressi to Rot


Something clearly stinks in America.

Obama finds himself in increasingly hot water after hopping through hoops to free Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an Army soldier increasingly suspected of desertion, if not actual collusion with America’s enemies in Afghanistan. The price for his freedom? “Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored,” as Arizona GOP senator John McCain put it this morning on Fox News.

These five Taliban terrorists almost surely will re-immerse themselves in jihad — if not the shooting and bombing variety, then at least raising funds, recording fiery Islamic speeches, and recruiting new Muslim psycho-killers to target Americans in uniform . . . and perhaps civilian clothing. After a year in Qatar, they will be free to hop on jets and fly wherever they like.

Do you feel safe now?

While Obama did all of this — even as he broke the law (which he signed) requiring him to alert Congress as to his intentions — he evidently has yet to lift a finger to rescue Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. He is a decorated Marine who returned with PTSD after two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He got lost at a traffic U-turn on the U.S./Mexican border and wound up in a Mexican jail cell. He reportedly is handcuffed to his bed. This is all the result of a simple mix-up and the fact that he had three legally registered guns in his truck, which he declared to Mexican officials while trying to turn around and come home.

Tahmooressi is rotting in a Mexican prison. Obama seems typically aloof and detached about this matter. Has he so much as picked up the phone and called Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto? If so, that would be news.

Americans frustrated about all of this can do something: Sign the petition at to urge Obama to secure Sergeant Tahmooressi’s freedom. Add your voice to those demanding that Obama work at least as hard to liberate a military hero from the custody of a friendly neighbor as he did to free a possible deserter, plus five Islamofascists dedicated to murdering American citizens.

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