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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Very Important the Army Pursue’ Trying Bergdahl for Possible Desertion


Charles Krauthammer believes it’s essential that the military try and punish Bowe Bergdahl if it’s learned he did in fact desert his platoon in Afghanistan.

“I think that it’s very important that the Army pursue this,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “If you’re going to do the swap that we did for this kind of guy, where there is a question whether he left on his own or not or what the motives were, you absolutely have to bring military justice to bear.”

Some, including a Pentagon official, have argued that Bergdahl’s five years in captivity are punishment enough, but Krauthammer argued that isn’t the correct course of action. “That’s not the right answer — that’s not how you deal with desertion,” he said, calling for Bergdahl’s case to follow standard protocol for such matters.

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