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From my most recent NRO article, on Elizabeth Drew’s reissue of her Nixon book: “It is, as I had remembered it, an abominable book. There is not a hint of the fact that Nixon, in his one full term, despite being the first president inaugurated without the support of either house of Congress since Zachary Taylor 120 years before, had one of the most successful terms in the country’s history. . . . The Nixon term was rivaled only by Lincoln’s and by the first and third terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the most successful presidential term ever, which prompts the question of why Elizabeth Drew, who has been festering and reporting in Washington more than 50 years, now, in the midst of one of the most unsuccessful presidencies in the country’s history, following one of its few rivals in that sweepstakes, would ask for assurance that America never again have such a president as Richard Nixon.”

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