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Bergdahl’s Health


The “good day” President Obama clearly expected out of his prisoner swap is putrefying faster than an egg salad in the sunshine. There is one element, though, that deserves more attention: Did the administration lie about Bergdahl’s health in order to escape informing Congress? Republican critics of this administration believe that the administration lies frequently — and usually without consequence — as in Benghazi. The White House seems to follow a pattern of telling any story they think they can get away with (often delivered by Susan Rice). This time it was Secretary Hagel who offered the line that Bergdahl’s health was so fragile that there was no time to inform Congress. Representative Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.) said, “Several sources with knowledge of the situation have informed me that any specifics about [his] health were nearly impossible to access . . .” at the time the statement was made.

Now that Bergdahl is in the custody of U.S. forces, members of Congress of both parties who serve on oversight committees should demand the truth. What is his health status?

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