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Leland Yee Receives 10 Percent of the Vote in California


Almost ten percent of the Californians who voted in last night’s Secretary of State “jungle primary” ticked the box marked “Leland Yee.” Yee received 287,590 votes, coming in second among the four Democrats in the race and in third among the eight candidates overall. Only the winning Democrat (30.1 percent) and the more popular Republican candidate (29.6 percent) came in ahead.

Why is this interesting? Because:

Yee is accused of multiple felonies including Wire Fraud of Honest Services as well as Conspiracy to Deal Firearms Without a License and to Illegally Import Firearms. At one point in Pascua’s narrative, Yee offers to travel to the Philippines, apparently to help secure a weapons deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. In all, Yee allegedly received more than $42,000 in cash and campaign donations from the FBI’s undercover agents, in exchange for services.

Or, in plain English, because:

Leland Yee spent a good deal of the last two years railing against the private ownership of firearms, lambasting American citizens who defend expansive protections of the right to keep and bear arms, and exploiting the abomination at Newtown for political gain. While he was doing this, he was apparently helping to put missile launchers and automatic weapons in the hands of what he believed to be the mafia, explaining blithely that “people want to get whatever they have to get,” and looking at Africa as an untapped market for arms dealers

This was a statewide election. Not a local election. The full results are here.


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