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Former Navy SEAL: Bergdahl Swap Latest Example of ‘Amateur Hour’ in the Obama Admin


Former Navy SEAL and FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam thinks that the Obama administration has shown it’s not up for the task of effectively and safely overseeing America’s wars, and the recent prisoner exchange of five high-level Taliban generals for American Bowe Bergdahl is just the latest example.

“They have shown, especially over the past couple of months, that we’re not looking at professionals where we can look at them by the size or the details of their perfection,” he said on Fox News on Wednesday. “We’re measuring them by the size of their mistakes, and that is amateur hour.”

Gilliam said he was concerned that “the real objective of this fight has turned into politics, and we’ve lost our mission objective.”

“I just don’t know where their politics end and their legality and their war-fighting start,” he said.

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