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Kermit Gosnell’s Son Shot in Attempted Burglary


From the New York Daily News:

The son of convicted late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell apparently changed his name only to start a new legacy for himself: burglar.

Barron Alexander, who until recently shared the last name of his incarcerated dad, was critically shot while allegedly breaking into a West Philadelphia home Wednesday morning, police told WPVI.

The 22-year-old suffered two to three gunshot wounds after allegedly smashing through a back bathroom window to gain access to the Mantua home around 7 a.m.

Nice family, the Gosnells.

Turns out that Alexander was robbing his neighbors. As you do:

“The resident screamed for help, a second male, a second resident from that property came to assist him, he did have a firearm,” Capt. John Przepiorka of Southwest Detectives told CBS Philly.

Gunfire broke out and a witness described seeing Alexander stumble out of the home bloody, before collapsing in the street.

Oddly enough, the crime scene was not only just blocks from Gosnell’s former abortion clinic — where the gruesome baby killer ended the lives of infants well past Pennsylvania’s 24-week limit — but two doors from Alexander’s own residence, according to police.

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