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China Says It’s the U.S. Showing ‘Total Disregard of Fact’ about Tiananmen Square


China issued a formal complaint against the U.S. in response to the Obama administration’s statement regarding the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, demonstrating that the country is still denying the truth of what happened on that bloody day.

The White House’s statement called upon Chinese authorities “to account for those killed, detained, or missing” in the violent crackdown on student protests by the Chinese army on June 4, 1989. It urged the government “to guarantee the universal rights and fundamental freedoms that are the birthright of all Chinese citizens.”

The Chinese government forbids teaching in schools about the Tiananmen Square protests and subsequent crackdown, as well as discussion about it on the Internet and in the media. Officially, the protests are considered a “counter-revolutionary rebellion.”

On the official Xinhua news agency on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China was “firmly opposed” to the administration’s statement. “The U.S. statement on that incident shows a total disregard of fact,” he said. “It blames the Chinese government for no reason, gravely interferes in China’s internal affairs, and violates the basic norms guiding international relations.”



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