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Heed Whoopi


A reporter may have the police beat, or the statehouse beat, or the U.N. beat. It seems to be my fate to have the New York Philharmonic cellphone-announcement beat. Last month, I reported that the announcement recorded by Alec Baldwin was getting booed and hissed. He had always been such a perfect liberal — Central Casting. But he was found imperfect, evidently. In my article, I said that the Philharmonic would probably have to deep-six his announcement, though it could be awkward: because he is the orchestra’s radio host, and a major donor, and a board member.

Well, I can tell you this: Last night, I was at the Philharmonic, covering a program of new music (review to follow, on The New Criterion’s blog). And the cellphone announcement came from . . . Whoopi Goldberg. Now there’s a perfect liberal. The audience would never boo or hiss her. But, as we have seen with Baldwin, sometimes perfection turns imperfect. And if that happens to the Whoopster, whom will the orchestra turn to next?

There are other ladies on The View, I gather. Rosie? Barbara? Then, if things get really desperate, there’s Chomsky . . .


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