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ESPN Host Erupts on Controversial U.S. Soccer Coach: ‘Get the Hell Out’ of the Country


United States soccer coach Jürgen Klinsmann’s outspokenness has irked a lot of people, but ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption co-host Michael Wilbon is the first to demand that Klinsmann be kicked out of the country.

In the past few weeks, Klinsmann, who is German, has rubbed people the wrong way by denying American soccer icon Landon Donovan a spot on the World Cup team and publicly telling reporters he thinks the team can’t win the tournament. Most recently, he took a shot at American professional leagues’ habit of aging stars high salaries, citing the Lakers’ contract with Kobe Bryant.

“You, Mr. Klinsmann, are no damn Kobe Bryant,” Wilbon exclaimed on Thursday. “Mr. Klinsmann wants to tell all of American sports how to work? Get the hell out, get out of America.”

He called Klinsmann “gutless” for his pessimistic take on the U.S.’s chances, arguing the coach was trying to protect his reputation and pin the poor performance on American players.

“I repeat, get the hell out,” Wilbon continued. “When did Klinsmann become the expert on American sports, which I’m going to take over whatever he’s doing?”

“I’m sick of this guy already — just please, get him out of here,” he said.


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