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Truth, Honor, and All That


Mona Charen and I have recorded a podcast, this one dominated by two subjects. First, the Bergdahl affair, and the general character of the Obama administration. What sort of people are calling the shots? (I realize we’re into Year 6 of the Obama presidency, but we still ask the question.)

The other big subject is World War II, on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The music we go out on, I might note, is “I’ll Be Seeing You,” sung by Jo Stafford.

We also talk about an outrageous case of political correctness — actually, of stupidity and meanness — in Monroe, Michigan. At some point, I make a movie recommendation; then Mona makes a book recommendation. (There’s always some smartypants reading books while you go to the movies.)

To join us, go here.


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