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McCain: Keep the Gitmo Detainees Forever


CNN’s Candy Crowley asked John McCain this morning whether trading top Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was better than having to release the detainees when U.S. combat operations end in Afghanistan. McCain thinks that’s a false choice: Men like the the five commanders released, he believes, should be tried if possible, but just held indefinitely otherwise.

When pressed as to what authority or what assurances he’d trust to keep the five detainees from returning to terrorism, McCain simply said, “well, first of all, I wouldn’t have released them.”

“We’re not sending everybody home — even if we close Guantanamo, we’re going to send them to facilities in the United States of America,” McCain said.

Ideally, he explained, all of the Gitmo detainees would be tried, but McCain was adamant that especially the five released this past week were determined to be so dangerous that release was impossible.

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