Ted Cruz Courts Conservative Journalists

by Joel Gehrke

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) held an off-the-record meeting with a group of conservative journalists at the Heritage Foundation Monday evening, as the tea-party favorite took yet another step in a process that could lay the groundwork for a 2016 presidential campaign.

“The senator had a gathering with some conservative thought leaders last night,”  spokeswoman Catherine Frazier confirmed to NRO, without getting into detail. “The senator is often meeting with people from various backgrounds to get acquainted and share his priorities and vision for helping turn our country around.”

Cruz’s popularity among tea-party voters spiked after the government shutdown in 2013, which came about as he attempted to force President Obama and Senate Democrats to agree to a spending measure that would fund all of government except for Obamacare, but his image took a hit among conservative journalists who opposed the maneuver. 

“In July, Cruz’s image was mixed among non-Tea Party Republicans (26 percent favorable, 16 percent unfavorable); most (58 percent) had no opinion of the Texas Republican,” the Pew Research Center reported at the time. “Unfavorable opinions of Cruz among non-Tea Party Republicans have risen 15 points since then, while favorable views are unchanged.”

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