Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Dead Broke’ Comment Reveals Her ‘Intrinsic Insincerity’

by NRO Staff

The problem with Hillary Clinton’s recent statement of her financial troubles- in which she stated that she and her husband were “dead broke” when they left the White House- is not that her being well off would make it difficult to run as a Democrat, says Charles Krauthammer, but rather that it demonstrates her “intrinsic insincerity.” 

“She is continually crafting what she says, crafting what her position is going to be, crafting conduct to meet a certain perception,” he said on Thursday’s Special Report. “When you do that day in or day out…you trip up because you can’t remember the last confection, the last creation of yourself that you put together.” 

Krauthammer contrasted Clinton with Ronald Reagan, noting that the former president knew who he was and “didn’t have to think twice” when asked about his opinion on an issue. “Does anybody know what she really thinks?” he asked of Clinton.  


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