A Sister Writes In

by Jay Nordlinger

In Impromptus today, there’s the usual mélange, including some items about Cuba. I would like to add one here. The Dallas Morning News published a travel piece about Cuba, the kind that appears regularly in our media. The cutesy title gives you the flavor: “Havana great time” (Havin’ a great time, geddit?). The caption under the first photo reads, “Beautiful decay is part of the Havana ambiance.” Ah, yes, the beautiful decay: such beautiful decay.

The paper received a letter to the editor, from an interested reader: Bonnie Rubinstein of Plano, the sister of Alan Gross, the American aid worker who was taken hostage in Cuba five years ago. NR and NRO readers are well familiar with this case. For example, we had a piece in an April 2011 issue, here. Not much has changed.

Ms. Rubinstein begins, “Writer Joy Tipping wrote a light and airy article about her travels to Cuba. My brother Alan Gross also traveled to Cuba four times on behalf of our government to bring in cellphones and computers to Cuba’s small Jewish community. On his fifth trip in December 2009, he was arrested and is now languishing in a Cuban jail cell (bringalanhome.org).”

Last week, I wrote something about Terry Anderson, the AP reporter who was held hostage in Lebanon, and his sister Peggy Say, who was his champion. Hurray for sisterly concern and boldness.

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