Home or Away, NRO Delivers

by NRO Staff

From a grateful American abroad, who just donated $100 to National Review Online’s current fundraising drive: 

I’m currently working in Australia – I depend on the writers of National Review Online to keep me informed.  As a US Naval Veteran, the recent Bergdahl for the Taliban Fab Five swap has me deeply disturbed and concerned for our country and liberty.  More American soldiers will die because of this trade.  Additionally, I would be surprised if many Vets are surprised by the recent VA Medical scandal.  The federal government has been short changing vets for decades.  Ask other vets how a GI loan for a mortgage works; in most cases it involves much more paperwork and more finance charges.  My GI tuition assistance program was truncated abruptly on January 1, 1990.  No warning, not alternative.  Just another three semesters without the tuition assistance that I was supposed to receive.  I didn’t desert, I re-enlisted, with no recourse, I financed groceries, books, tuition, and fees while working part-time to complete my degree.

While I enjoy all of your writing, I have to acknowledge Kevin D. Williamson as a particular standout.  The breadth of subjects and the beautiful prose are infrequently paralleled by contemporary writers.

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