Another Dem Won’t Vote for Obama’s Know-Nothing Pick for Norway Ambassador

by Andrew Johnson

George Tsunis, the Obama-campaign bundler nominated to be United States ambassador to Norway, is looking a little less likely to get confirmation from the Senate.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how Minnesota’s Democratic senators, Al Franken’s and Amy Klobuchar, decided to oppose Tsunis’s nomination following his embarrassing performance before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. During his confirmation hearing, Tsunis displayed a total lack of familiarity with the country. With the Minnesotans’ opposition, Tsunis’s confirmation reportedly stood at 53 votes, just two votes above the necessary 51.

That margin just got smaller: On Friday, neighboring Democratic senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota said he will also vote against Tsunis.

“As a proud American of Norwegian and Swedish heritage, I value the important relationship between the United States and Norway and can understand the concerns that have been raised about Mr. Tsunis’ nomination,” Johnson said in a statement. “Mr. Tsunis’ performance at his confirmation hearing did not give me confidence in his knowledge of Norway or his ability to be an effective ambassador.”

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