Cuccinelli: Cantor’s Loss a Reminder that Hillary ‘Juggernaut’ Is Vulnerable

by Andrew Johnson

Hillary Clinton supporters should take note of defeats such as House majority leader Eric Cantor’s and realize no candidate is inevitable, particularly following her less-than-stellar book tour thus far, says Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli, the 2013 Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate and recently announced Senate Conservatives Fund president, said presumed candidates have struggled as of late as voters look for a change.

“Juggernauts are only juggernauts as long as they stay looking like juggernauts,” he said on Meet the Press. “[Hillary Clinton] doesn’t look like a juggernaut anymore.”

Cuccinelli pointed to the recent upset over Cantor, and challenges to longtime Mississippi Republican senator Thad Cochran, who is currently in a runoff against state senator Chris McDaniel.

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