This Is What the Administration Gets for Aiding and Abetting Human Trafficking

by Hans A. von Spakovsky

The humanitarian and security crisis being caused by waves of illegal immigrants, many of whom are children, surging across our southern border is no surprise. As I explained in a Corner post back in December, what is happening on the border was described in a searing indictment of the administration by federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Brownsville, Texas. In a case against a human trafficker who was caught at the border trying to smuggle a ten-year-old El Salvadoran girl into the U.S., Judge Hanen said that the administration’s behavior was “dangerous and unconscionable.” He admonished the Department of Homeland Security, saying that “DHS should cease telling the citizens of the United States that it is enforcing our border security laws because it is clearly not. Even worse, it is helping those who violate these laws.” In fact, Holder is now saying he is going to provide legal representation to many of these aliens in removal proceedings, which is a violation of federal immigration law (8 U.S.C. 1229a(b)(4)(A). More here from the December post.

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