Summer Reading

by Yuval Levin

Summer is upon us, and with it is the summer issue of National Affairs. In this issue, our 20th, you can find, for instance:

Richard Epstein and Mario Loyola on how to save federalism

Michael McShane on how to help school choice work better

Andrew Biggs and Sylvester Schieber on why you shouldn’t believe apocalyptic warnings of a retirement crisis

Peter Schuck on affirmative action

Matt Continetti on the theological politics of Irving Kristol

Carl Scott on our different understandings of liberty

And much more—from the costs and benefits of cost-benefit analysis to the minimum wage, the politics of character, and the character of conservatism. Some are free to all, some are available only to subscribers, and here is where you can subscribe (to also get the magazine in print, for ease of beach reading).

While you’re at our site, you should also check out our daily compilations of academic research, the archive of our first five years, and the 40-year archive of The Public Interest, which we’re proud to host. 

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