Scarborough Says NYT’s Burying of IRS Story Is a ‘Scam’

by Molly Wharton

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough expressed his outrage Tuesday morning that the New York Times buried a story on the recent investigation into the lost IRS e-mails. “This really is a scam,” he said. 

“It is impossible that the Washington Post and the New York Times are not putting on the front page of their newspapers the fact that an internal investigation has been launched by the IRS on the most shady behavior,” Scarborough said. “This is garbage.”

He then decried what he called a “double standard” in the media. “This is why conservatives don’t trust national newspapers,” he said. “It’s not the news that they run . . . it’s the stories they don’t run,” Scarborough continued, noting “the acts of omission when Democrats are in power.”

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