O’Donnell Praises Koch Brothers in Return to MSNBC

by Molly Wharton

Lawrence O’Donnell returned to his show on MSNBC Monday night after recovering from a car accident, and surprised viewers by praising David H. Koch. “Brace yourselves, please, for the first positive words said about David Koch on this program,” he warned viewers.

O’Donnell, who had been off the air since April because of injuries he sustained in a car accident in the British Virgin Islands, recounted, “The first words I saw when I was rolled into the hospital was David H. Koch.” O’Donnell was treated at the Hospital for Special Surgery, to which Koch donated $25 million in 2009, according to Politico. 

“I agree with Harry Reid’s critique of the Koch brothers’ contributions to American politics, but that is not the only thing they contribute to,” O’Donnell said. He noted the $100 million that the brothers have given to Lincoln Center, and the large sums they have spent on medical research and treatment. 

David Koch donated “to the hospital that put me and many other men, women and children back together,” he said. His “money helped make their hospital experience a better one and that is a very, very good thing.”

O’Donnell told viewers, “You can be outraged by what the Koch brothers do with their money in politics, and you can appreciate what they contribute to hospitals and medical research, and you can do that at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

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